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2016 NFL Draft Trade Scenarios Between the Titans and Eagles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It has been rumored that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in trading up to the #1 overall pick. We have spent a lot of time talking about how many picks that would cost the Eagles (they currently hold the 8th pick). Mike Sando of ESPN wrote an article today talking about what might happen if the Eagles were to offer Fletcher Cox as part of the deal.

Sando suggested that Philadelphia could get to the first pick by just offering Fletcher Cox and the 8th pick for the first pick. The Eagles picked Cox in the first round back in 2012 with the 12th pick. He has 22 sacks in his 4 years in the league, including 9.5 last season. Philadelphia has picked up Cox's 5th year option, but working out a long-term deal appears to be proving a little tricky.

Cox is a really good player. There is no doubt about that. As Sando said, the Titans would need the parameters of a long-term deal with Cox in place before agreeing to this trade. I would also hope that Jon Robinson would be able to get another pick in this deal, but I wouldn't hate the trade as Sando pitches it. Can you imagine a defensive line with Jurrell Casey and Fletcher Cox? That would be a lot of fun to watch.