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Todd McShay 2016 NFL Mock Draft: "Grade A Edition"

McShay went three rounds for each NFL team. Here's my take on the Titans' mock haul.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McShay started out on the Bosa train, but has fully thrown all his support at Laremy Tunsil now. He once again gave the Titans the former Ole Miss star in his latest mock.

"When you draft a guy like Marcus Mariota with the number two pick, you need to do everything in your power to give him help as he develops."

Yes. It's what I've been saying all draft season long. You can't put Byron Bell back out there or any other second rate tackle that might fall to you later in the draft. Build around Marcus. Keep Marcus upright this year. I think you'll like the results.

McShay continues to the second round and selects Eli Apple at pick 33 for the Titans. I'm not an Apple guy, but I understand the pick. It actually fits in with what the Titans have been interested in this draft season, which is length at corner.  However, there have been zero connections made with the Titans and Apple to this point, despite the fact that the Titans have been to Columbus to work out plenty of other Buckeye prospects.  That doesn't mean they won't pick Apple, I would just think they would have at least sniffed around Apple during their time there.

Apple is a 6-1 presser that McShay loves. His size paired with his speed should take him off the board early in the draft, probably before this point if I were guessing. Measurables matter, especially at corner. If Apple were the pick, I would assume he would take an outside spot over Perrish Cox, giving the Titans plenty of depth at corner that they didn't have last year.

McShay's final pick for the Titans was Christian Westerman, a guard prospect from Arizona State. McShay notes that Tunsil and Westerman would help jump-start the Titans' new look rushing attack. The left guard spot still remains up in the air at this point. It's one of the few things Jon Robinson hasn't addressed, which could mean they like Quinton Spain enough to give him another shot.

Westerman is a little lean for the position, but he's a great mover. He's going to have to add some bulk and get stronger, but if you're looking to get more athletic up front, Westerman is your guy.

This draft haul would certainly fill a lot of needs, but I would hate to totally miss out on this defensive line class in the first three rounds.  Pick 33 will offer tons of outstanding difference makers up front that I would have a hard time passing on. Apple fills a need, I would just rather be dominant up front rather than in the secondary. It seems like if you can dominate in the trenches defensively, the rest of your issues tend to work out.