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DeMarco Murray Trade: Titans and Eagles swapping 4th round picks

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Geoff Mosher of 97.5 in Philadelphia is reporting that the Titans swapped 4th round picks with the Eagles in exchange for DeMarco Murray. If true, that means the Titans move from pick 97 (2nd pick of 4th round) to pick 110 (15th pick in 4th round).* I would say that is a steal, but I don't think steal is a strong enough word. Jon Robinson upgraded the running back position astronomically without even giving up a pick.  All he did was move down 13 spots.

The only question I have left is where has Jon Robinson been all of our lives?? This is officially a trade that has no downside. A lot of people are knocking the Titans because Murray didn't look good last year. I believe that was a result of being in the wrong system, but even if it wasn't and Murray truly is done, all Robinson gave up was 13 spots in the 4th round. That is HUGE!!!!1

We will have a DeMarco Murray approval poll up later today.

*Current numbers before compensatory picks have been announced.