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Tennessee Titans News Links: Ben Jones drank his own urine once.

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Friends for life, through thick and thin,
With another tale to spin..."

Titans Links!
Another player is to be signed to the Titans today! The Titans are set to sign former Texans Center Ben Jones. Last season he started every game at Center, and in 2014 he started every game at (left) Guard. He will most likely "compete" for the starting position against Schwenke and his busted leg, but my money would be on Jones to win that battle. He could also possibly compete with Potassium for the Guard position. He's a pretty solid pick up either way. It should also be noted that Jones is a bit of an oddball (he drank his own urine once). I actually like that in my offensive linemen though.

As was reported earlier this week, the Titans have traded for RB DeMarco Murray. The addition of Murray could be a big help to our beloved Mariota. Murray (in theory) can help Mariota set up play-action, which in turn can open up the offense when it comes to the passing game. Something that can benefit both Murray and Mariota: Build a better line. Jones was a good start, so let's keep it going, Robinson!

As if the past couple days haven't made it obvious enough: Jon Robinson is ready to tackle Free Agency. Free Agency officially kicks off today at 4pm eastern time. Paul K gives us a look at some of the needs the Titans should look at during Free Agency.

Quick Hit Links!
John Glennon gives us his Titans free agency preview on the Defensive Line.
ESPN's The Hair Discusses Draft Options for Titans
Titans' Antonio Andrews on trade: "More competition, the better"...good luck with that, buddy.

Way Back Wednesday Link!
Oilers Change Name to Titans (11.14.98)

That's all for today. Happy reading!