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On the DeMarco Murray trade; The pick is the only thing that matters

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I am seeing a lot of "I can't believe the Titans overpaid for a running back!!11!!!" from the national media in reaction to the DeMarco Murray trade. That's dumb. The Titans have an estimated $49.5 million in cap room. They don't have a good running back on the roster and the head coach wants to protect his young quarterback by running the football. As long as the deal isn't going to put them in cap jail down the road, which it isn't, it really doesn't matter what they are paying him right now.

My issues with Mike Mularkey as the head coach are well chronicled, but I can guarantee you he will not be successful if he is not allowed to implement his plan. His plan is to establish the run and build off of that- just like he did in Atlanta as the OC with Michael Turner. His offenses were really good there. Murray gives him a similar back and fits the system here. He didn't fit the system Chip Kelly ran in Philadelphia, and that's why Murray wasn't successful in 2015.

Now, what I am really curious to see is what pick the Titans gave up to get Murray. They cannot afford to be giving up early round picks with so many holes on the roster. There was one "report" out there last night the deal was for a 3rd pick. I wouldn't really be a fan of that, but anything after than that is a really good deal for the Titans. Odds are you aren't going to find a guy of Murray's talent in the fourth round or later.

So I will reserve my final judgement on the deal until I see what pick the Titans gave up to get him. I will post an approval poll for the trade as soon as it is announced so that you will have a chance to weigh in as well.