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Dates to know for this week for Tennessee Titans free agency

Two big dates coming up now.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans will start free agency in mere hours. If you don't know why it is that soon, just look at these two dates:

March 7: Clubs are permitted to contact and enter into contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free agents. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4 p.m. ET on March 9.

March 9: 2016 league year begins. Free-agency period begins at 4 p.m. ET.

That's right, in just a few hours the Titans will start calling agents and essentially writing up deals that will be executed as soon as the league year starts on March 9th.

This means that the Titans will not only start to make their plans tomorrow, but fans will get to see these deals starting to take place. You will know who the Titans prefer between Mitchell Schwartz, Kelechi Osemele, Alex Mack, Jeff Allen, etc. It also could give you a really good idea of what they will do in the draft.

If they go hard after a safety or a corner really hard, maybe they don't want Jalen Ramsey. If they ignore the offensive tackle, then maybe they love Laremy Tunsil? Right now everyone is just guessing, but in a few hours there could be real proof to point to what the Titans want to do in free agency and in the draft in a key offseason.