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How much would you pay for Alex Mack?

The top center in the NFL is about to hit free agency.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is starting to get anxious for free agency, and people are either complaining that the Tennessee Titans will not do enough or that they will have to overpay. With the cap raising at a very steep rate, I honestly believe that in two years even some of these bigger deals will seem minuscule compared to their relative value.

While right tackle is a huge issue on the Titans roster, center may be the least talked about hole. While there aren't any great interior defenders in the division, Brian Schwenke and Andy Gallik have both struggled at times holding their own against substandard talent. It would not surprise me to see Jon Robinson identify that as a big position of need.

After taking a look at what it will cost to get Mitchell Schwartz, the other name in the great article from the Cleveland Browns SBNation site, Dawgs By Nature is Alex Mack. I'm not going to copy the explanation because you need to go and read it yourself because it is a great piece, but here are the numbers given out for Alex Mack.

"Alex Mack, Center
Contract package: 5 years, $46.25 million
Guaranteed money: $28 million
First three years: $28.5 million"

This is an interesting number because I can see it both ways. Despite being 30 years old, we have seen centers preform at a high level into their 30s, like Nick Mangold. He is a veteran leader who has three Pro Bowls under his belt and has been a physical player for his entire career.

On the other hand, paying a center more than $9 million per year is scary. That would make him higher paid than young stars like Rodney Hudson, Mike Pouncey and Maurice Pouncey. I think he would be a great building block and the Titans can afford him, but will they miss out on another free agent starter because of that high price tag?