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How much would you pay for Mitchell Schwartz?

What is the going rate of the best right tackle in the NFL?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is starting to get anxious for free agency, and people are either complaining that the Tennessee Titans will not do enough or that they will have to overpay. With the cap raising at a very steep rate, I honestly believe that in two years even some of these bigger deals will seem minuscule compared to their relative value.

So, with that in mind let's look at one name that is likely to be a big target for the Tennessee Titans: Mitchell Schwartz. The Cleveland Browns SBNation site, Dawgs By Nature has done a mock of what they believe he will get in free agency.

The question is, as a fan is this a deal you want to see or do you think they are overpaying? Here is the proposed deal:

"Mitchell Schwartz, Offensive Tackle
Contract package: 5 years, $47.5 million
Guaranteed money: $27 million
First three years: $30 million"

So that is an average of $9.5 million per year, with $5.4 million guaranteed annually. That would make him by far the highest paid right tackle in the NFL. However, you are getting him going into the infamous second contract and you get him from five years.

So, would you pay him that much to be a member of the Titans, or would you rather him sign with someone else and find another answer in free agency or the draft?