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Another option for the Tennessee Titans at offensive tackle

Not one I agree with, but one that makes sense.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Right tackle is going to be a priority in the offseason for the Tennessee Titans, no matter what. I believe that Jon Robinson wants to take an impact player at the top of the draft, so I believe that he would rather fill that position in free agency.

Now, everyone has their own theory on how they want to rebuild the Titans offensive line and which pieces to move. Some people want to draft Laremy Tunsil and move Taylor Lewan, some people want to wait until the second to draft a right tackle who could fall, some people want to bring in Mitchell Schwartz, and the list goes on and on.

However, there is something that I haven't seen mentioned a lot. Bring in a cheaper, but talented left tackle and move Taylor Lewan to right tackle.

Now, I firmly believe that Lewan can be a right tackle or left tackle in the league, and he will be good at either. However, given how hard/expensive it is to get young left tackles I have always wanted the Titans to find a solution at right tackle and just leave Lewan along.

Well, news has come out about a top left tackle in free agency that is going to test the market:

"With free agency beginning, LT Russell Okung is intent on hitting the market, despite Seattle expressing interest in him staying"

Okung could actually be the perfect fit for the Titans in free agency if they miss out on Kelechi Osemele and Mitchell Schwartz.

Okung's injury history may leave him in the second wave of free agency, despite his high talent. If Okung is willing to sign for less than either of the previous players (around $8 million per year) then Robinson could be intrigued by this value.

When healthy, Okung was a top-5 offensive tackle who has great length and is nasty and physical. Outside of the offensive linemen I mentioned earlier, maybe no one fits Jon Robinson's criteria more than Okung. So, while I don't think it is a great idea it is hard to imagine someone like Robinson not looking at the prospect.

Again, I am not a proponent of this but it is something to think about, especially if the Titans miss out on some of their top offensive line targets.