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The San Francisco 49ers need Carson Wentz from the Tennessee Titans

A trade is a must for the 49ers.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Reading Matt Miller's rumors from the combine, it appears that anyone who loves Carson Wentz will need to trade up to #1 to get him:

"All the talk in Indianapolis was about who the Cleveland Browns would draft at No. 2—not who the Tennessee Titans would select No. 1 overall. I polled everyone I know connected to the Browns—coaches, scouts, even a player or two—and they all believe the Browns will draft Carson Wentz to be Hue Jackson's quarterback of the future."

While I don't think Wentz is an elite player like Marcus Mariota, he is probably the best quarterback in this draft for the next 2-3 years. If Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch develop like Cam Newton did and eventually learn to use all of their tools correctly, then maybe they surpass him at that point.

However, if you are a coach of a GM in the NFL, you can't think three years down the road unless you either just got hired, or you have established a winning culture. The San Francisco 49ers have neither of those things.

The team with the 7th overall pick in the draft is looking at a quarterback room with Colin Kaepernick who has publicly demanded a trade and Blaine Gabbert who is...Blaine Gabbert. So, it is obvious that quarterback is a huge need for that team.

Ideally, you try to build this offseason so that you don't pick in the top-10 again next year, which would mean that this is their best chance of getting a true franchise quarterback. However, things got a little bit more serious when Tony Romo underwent surgery to have a metal plate inserted into his chest.

With injuries looming over the head of the Dallas Cowboys if the Titans don't move, the draft will probably fall like this:

Titans: Tunsil

Browns: Wentz

Chargers: Ramsey

So that means that the Cowboys will have a shot at Joey Bosa or Jared Goff, and while a general consensus two weeks ago would have made Bosa a lock, after a lack luster combine for him and a surgery for Romo, Jared Goff just became a real contender.

Now, while I don't think Paxton Lynch is going to be a huge bust, taking him 7th overall in a key spot is way too rich for me. So if I am the 49ers and there is a team will to trade me the rights to the top QB in the draft who has mobility experience, high character, and leadership skills, then I am trading to pair that guy up with my new head coach Chip Kelly.

The chips are starting to fall, and if the 49ers front office doesn't want to be reshuffled next year, they better start thinking really hard about making a big move.