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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He's a legend."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Give me the microphone first so I can bust like a bubble,
Compton and Long Beach together: now you know you in trouble..."

*Slim pickins.

Titans Links!
Jalen Ramsey would love to play for Dick LeBeau. He knows all about LeBeau and feels it would be amazing to play in his defense. Jalen's pro day was a couple of days ago where he had a strong showing for those on hand. He feels he is capable of playing at multiple positions on the defense, and is willing to play where the team needs him.

Quick Hit: Tennessee Titans weighing options for number one pick in 2016 NFL draft.

John Glennon looks at why drafting a tackle with the first pick is risky. He points out that in the past ten years there have been 12 tackles taken with the top 5 picks, and 18 taken with the top 10. A portion of those picks haven't turned out the way some teams thought they would, and Glennon believes the main reason for that is because College football has increasingly gone to the spread offense.

Quick Hit: Tennessee Titans work out five Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus.

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