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Laremy Tunsil Dazzles at Ole Miss Pro Day

Tunsil certainly looked the part during his pro day drills.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With all 32 NFL franchises watching, Laremy Tunsil hit a home run with his pro day performance in Oxford. Tunsil has been the odds on favorite to land in Nashville with the number one pick since the regular season ended. He certainly did not hurt his chances today.

The Titans sent a large group to check out the event, including Mike Mularkey and Jon Robinson.

Tunsil checked in at 314 pounds today, up slightly from his 310 pound check-in at the combine. Tunsil's first drill of the day was the bench press, where he threw up 34 reps of 225 pounds. That would rank first among tackles at the combine.

Jon Robinson went on with the NFL Network crew and spoke on Tunsil. "He's long, he can cut grass with his feet. He's strong, you can see him block a lot of good football players. It's easy to evaluate how athletic he is."

Tunsil impressed in several different pass set drills, showing off his change of direction skills and great feet. He was on a total different level than the other lineman around him, as he should be.

The other candidate for the number one pick -- Jalen Ramsey -- will get his shot tomorrow in Tallahassee. Jon Robinson teased that he and his contingent "may" be in attendance during his time on NFL Network.