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Is there anyone worth signing left in free agency?

Should free agency be put on pause?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have patched a lot of holes on this roster during the offseason, and they have done it without overpaying older players and making the mistakes that many other teams make in March.

With the signing of Rashad Johnson, there aren't many free agents that really stand out as players that can help this team right now and long term. While there are some guys that you could argue for, there hasn't been any news of Jon Robinson and the Titans bringing anyone in for a visit.

So, based on the players left on the open market, these are the players that look like they are going to be relatively cheap and who could help the Titans:

Brandon Boykin CB

The Tennessee Titans have brought in two boarderline starters at cornerback this offseason, but if they really want to bolster the cornerback group they could bring in Boykin who really hasn't found a home in the NFL yet despite being a mid round draft pick four years ago.

Percy Harvin WR

There are a lot of reasons not to like Harvin, but at this point in the offseason these are all one year contracts that are mainly for depth. If the Titans can bring him in for nothing and have him as a kick returner and a rotational player on offense it would make this team better.

Geoff Schwartz OL

Schwartz can play anywhere on the offensive line and could even end up being the starter at left guard for this team if they brought him in.

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Jermaine Kearse WR

6'1" wide receiver who has gotten gradually better every year and at only 26 he is another player that can help this team immediately and potentially long term if they like him.