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Tennessee Titans News Links: "We want him to be successful."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I get knocked down, but I get up again,
You are never gonna keep me down..."

Titans Links!
The Titans are expecting more out of Kendall Wright next season. Mularkey believes Kendall has potential that hasn't been pulled out of him yet, and feels Robiskie and Bratkowski can get him playing like he was in 2014. Robinson also spoke about Wright, and he is looking for Kendall to emerge as the leader of the Wide Receivers. It certainly would be nice to see Kendall tap into some of that potential. Here's to hoping that will happen.

Quick Hit: David Newton of ESPN reports that Jalen Ramsey is on the Titans radar at the number one spot.

The Offensive Line is still a work in progress. The starting lineup is "still yet to be determined" and the Titans are still talking to free agents (PLEASE SIGN VASQUEZ!), and are still analyzing players in the draft. Just get it right, Mularkey. Keep Mariota upright and healthy, make some running lanes for Murray, and GET WUNZ!

Quick Hit: Wyatt informs us that Titans Owner Amy Adams Strunk is committed to building a winner.

Mularkey was asked many questions about DeMarco Murray yesterday while at the owner's meetings. One thing is for certain: "(Murray) will be used extensively." He believes Murray has a lot left in the tank, and that the offense will be smart with him. The Titans plan to play to Murray's strengths, they view him as a for sure first and second down back, and will make him more of a featured a back (something we haven't seen in the last couple of years now).

That's all for today. Happy reading!