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2016 NFL Draft: Titans GM Jon Robinson not ruling anything out with first pick

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Robinson might be a rookie GM, but he is answering questions about the #1 like a seasoned veteran. So far today I have seen people mention that the Titans have had talks with a couple of teams about the #1 pick and that they are considering Jalen Ramsey. It is a smart move to keep all of the options floating around out there.

Until the Titans sign an offensive tackle in free agency, which doesn't appear likely at this point, I will be convinced that the Titans are taking Laremy Tunsil with the first pick. There is no doubt that Robinson would love to get a boatload of picks for #1, but I just really don't see that happening this year.

We have entered the silly season. You can't believe anyone anything says this time of year. We are still about 6 weeks away from the draft. It can't get here soon enough.