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Tennessee Titans News Links: *Insert Something Witty Here

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Yo listen up here's a story,
About a little guy who lived in a blue world..."

Titans Links!
As if you didn't know already: Jon Robinson is "not married to the first pick." The team is open to any option that makes the football team better. Even if they can't trade the pick; they can still pick up a solid player with the first pick (cue the #TeamTunsil vs #TeamRamsey debate). Next week Robinson and crew will be "heavily" making pro day visits, and they have 30 set up in early April. DO WORK, (Robin)SON!

Quick Hit: John Laird of Fansided takes a look at what the Titans could do with their second pick in the draft.

John Clayton, of ESPN, praises the trade the Titans made for DeMarco Murray. He even says that it "may be the best move of the offseason." He likes that the Titans now have an I-Formation back, and can implement an offense that can create a good running game which can make things easier for Mariota. Clayton doesn't necessarily think the Titans have done the "best" in free agency, but he does think they are among the best.

Quick Hit: Terry McCormick looks at how and where the Titans' offseason moves fit.

So it turns out LeBeau wanted more control of the defense, and a day after telling Mularkey that, Horton asked if he could bolt to Cleveland. It will be interesting to see what the defense will look like solely under LeBeau. According to the article: LeBeau was excited at the news of Horton leaving (not because he was leaving) because this meant he would get to call the plays.

That's all for today. Happy reading!