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Tennessee Titans News Links: It's A New Week!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"Too bad I'm on the right track,
Beef, got the right mack..."

Titans Links!
So I failed to include this in the links on Friday (whatevs), but Byron Bell has re-signed with the team. Jon Robinson has stated that, for now, Bell will play at Right Tackle (cue people reading too much into that). Bell is excited to come back to the team. He looks forward to competing for either the Right Tackle or Left Guard position (he said he'd even be fine being a "practice dummy"), meeting new OL coach Grimm and new Center Ben Jones, and also looks forward to playing with new RB DeMarco Murray.

Quick Hit: Paul K informs us that there are currently 18 players who aren't under contract beyond 2016.

Apparently discussion about Titans ownership is still a thing. Amy Adams Strunk is eager to clear up all the ownership issues. The resolution is for her to maintain control of the team (which I would be shocked if she didn't). On Saturday Amy spoke publicly at Nissan Stadium without being "filtered" by the team. She said she will be attending the owner's meeting in Florida, and even went onto say that she didn't get any real grief for not attending the owner's meeting in January.

Quick Hit: As was briefly stated above: the Titans brass will be in Florida for Owner Meetings.

General Manager Jon Robinson says it will take a "king's ransom" to get him to trade away the number one pick. He says that you don't want to move too far down to miss out on the handful of players that are worth a pick at the top of the draft. Robinson also reiterated Lewan is their left tackle.

Quick Antwon Blake Links!
Antwon Blake Ready To Play With An Edge For Titans
Titans GM Jon Robinson: CB Antwon Blake can win an outside spot

That's all for today. Happy reading!