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Breaking down potential Titans' target Mackensie Alexander

The confident Clemson corner would be an ideal selection at pick 33, but I doubt he gets there.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

School: Clemson

Position: Cornerback

Size: 5-10, 190 pounds

Production: Zero interceptions, 11 pass break-ups in two years.


  • Outstanding quickness. Has that "quick-twitch" feel.
  • Quick, light feet.
  • Excellent fluidity. Great hips that can snap in any direction.
  • Ability to quickly read and process what is coming at him.
  • Plays the game with a certain attitude and confidence.


  • A touch short by NFL standards.
  • Zero interceptions in two years at Clemson.
  • Needs to improve in run support.

Here's a good look at Mackensie matching up against one of the nation's best, Sterling Shepard. Watch as Alexander mans him up, turns and runs. He stays in control, showing off his quick feet. Alexander turns and runs with Shepard, staying right in his hip pocket.

Alexander just dominates this rep all around. He stays on top of the route, cutting off any progress the receiver needed to make.

Here's an example of Alexander's instincts. He had see this play develop previously in the game (and likely on tape as well), but this time he isn't having any of it.  He squirts through the two receivers that are tasked with blocking him and immediately makes the play behind the line of scrimmage.


Mackensie Alexander is a twitched up, trash talking alpha-dog type. He isn't short on confidence, as we found out at the combine. He backs this confidence up on the field. The numbers crowd will harp on the fact that he didn't bring in a single interception while at Clemson, but I think that's more of a lack of chances than a lack of ability.

Alexander's acceleration and quick feet will allow him to succeed in the NFL game. His height will be talked about as a negative, but I think he's quick enough to stay on top of receiver's routes. He's shown an ability to run downfield with speed guys too. He's nursing a hamstring issue this offseason, which may have affected some of his testing (example: 7.18 three-cone time.)

I think you can start to consider Alexander as early as the Saint pick at 12 overall. Projections have been all over the map for Alexander, but I'm having a hard time believing that he'll fall past Pittsburgh at 25.

Round grade: 1st round
Projected draft slot: 15-35