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How a Joe Thomas trade could benefit the Tennessee Titans

No, not a trade with the Titans.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the buzz out of the owners meeting is that the Cleveland Browns are looking to make some moves as the draft nears. One of those potential moves is trading All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas.

No, the Tennessee Titans are not going to trade for Joe Thomas. If they weren't going to spend money on the best right tackle from Cleveland, and they already have a left tackle so I can't imagine they would make a big move like this. Not to mention the fact that Jon Robinson barely shows interest in players over 30, so I can't imagine he would make this move that only makes sense as a short term band-aid for a contender.

However, in the last five years just under four tackles have been taken in the first round on average (this does not include players who were tackles in college but who kicked inside to guard in the NFL). I highly doubt that the Browns will trade their best player (Thomas) and let their other tackle walk in free agency and then turn around and draft one in the first round.

So, if the Browns can trade Thomas then that means that maybe the number of offensive tackles taken in first round is three instead of four this year.

Let's say that your offensive tackle big board had these players all with a first round grade, but that is it:

1. Laremy Tunsil

2. Ronnie Stanley

3. Taylor Decker

4. Jack Conklin

Well, if a trade likely pushes one of those players out of the first round, then that means that suddenly the depth at offensive tackle in this class suddenly got a lot deeper at the top. Does that sort of move push the Titans into drafting Jalen Ramsey with the first pick? Does it make them more comfortable trading down in the draft knowing that they don't have to take Tunsil with the first pick because there could be a good right tackle available at the top of round two?

I don't know, but a blockbuster trade like this would be big for a team like the Titans who need an offensive tackle, even if they aren't involved in the actual trade.