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Positional value based on 2016 franchise tag costs

What is the most valuable position in football?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft is only about a month away at this point, and it is starting to come down to two players the Tennessee Titans could take with the first pick. While everyone in the world wants the Titans to trade down and end up with more picks AND a blue chip prospect, that is an extremely hard thing to actually do.

The way is stands now, the Tennessee Titans are staring at two players that reports say they think is worth their 1st overall pick. Those two players of course are Laremy Tunsil the offensive tackle from Ole Miss and Jalen Ramsey the cornerback/safety from Florida State.

Forget who the fan base wants and think about it logically, if both players are graded equally and both impact more than just their own position, who is the most valuable? You could argue that both Tunsil and Ramsey will be blue-chip players at their positions sooner rather than late, so which is more valuable a left tackle or a cornerback?

Well according to the NFL's franchise tag numbers, the most valuable positions are:

1. Quarterback: $19.6 million ($17.5 million)
2. Defensive end: $15.4 million ($12.5 million)
3. Wide Receiver: $14.4 million ($12.0 million)
4. Linebacker: $14.0 million ($11.7 million)
5. Cornerback: $13.7 million ($11.7 million)
6. Offensive line: $13.5 million ($11.7 million)
7. Defensive tackle: $13.4 million ($10.7 million)
8. Running back: $11.5 million ($9.5 million)
9. Safety: $10.6 million ($9.0 million)
10. Tight End: $9.0 million ($7.6 million)
11. Kicker/Punter: $4.5 million ($4.0 million)

That is the franchise tag number on the left and the transition tag in parentheses. So, according to that chart it is more financially beneficial to have a top cornerback than a top offensive tackle.

Now, whether or not that is what is best given where this draft class is deep is a different story. But, if all things are absolutely equal and you believe that the Titans are trying to find the most financial value at the top of this draft, Jalen Ramsey would barely edge out Laremy Tunsil.