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Will Avery Williamson rotate more next year?

An unexpected move from the Titans.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans top brass Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey met with reporters and fans alike at Sportsfest in Nashville yesterday.

One of the more surprising takeaways to me was the idea that maybe the Titans are going to try to get faster at linebacker on pass rushing downs, which would mean taking out one of there most successful young players: Avery Williamson.

Williamson played more than 900 snaps last year at the inside linebacker position, and he was a stalwart in the defense that was actually a strength for the Titans early in the year. This tweet from Paul Kuharsky is what sparked this conversation.

"Sean Spence can play dime linebacker, Mularkey says. Sounds like Williamson may not be an every-down guy anymore."

So, that would mean that the dime package for the Tennessee Titans would feature four down rushers (Derrick Morgan, Jurrell Casey, DaQuan Jones, and Brian Orakpo) and Sean Spence at linebacker, with six defensive backs. That would be a departure from last year where Wesley Woodyard at times was the Titans "blitz/cover" linebacker and ended up with five sacks.

This is interesting because with a one-year contract, it didn't seem like Spence would be anything more than a depth player who spends most of his time on special teams fighting for a spot on the game day rosters. However, now it looks like he will be a 300+ snap player in this defense.

If Sean Spence is healthy and he understands Dick LeBeau's scheme and what he wants right away, this may be a sneaky signing that become the hallmark of the Jon Robinson era. A cheap player with a lot of upside that comes in and makes a difference and then leave. Is the Patriot way coming to Nashville.