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Tennessee Titans News Links: Pollard Is(n't) Back!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"It's a rare condition, this day and age,
To read any good news on the newspaper page..."

Titans Links!
Jalen Ramsey prepared for the combine with someone familiar to the Titans: Bernard Pollard. Lamont Ramsey, Jalen's father, was looking for an "in-your-face" player who wouldn't baby Jalen during his preparation for the combine. Well I would say he succeeded in his task. Pollard worked with Ramsey for over six weeks in Nashville where they worked on drills and even hit the classroom together.

Are the Titans going to go against the "norm" and draft Ramsey first overall? Robinson has stated he is wanting to take a player who will immediately make an impact on the team. Ramsey could most certainly wind up being an impactful player. It all comes down to what Robinson thinks, and no one knows what he is thinking other than him.

Glennon asks, "Where will the Titans find wide receiver help?" Last season the Titans WRs finished last in receptions, second to last in yards, and eight to last in touchdowns. Daggum that sucks. There aren't really any "cream of the crop" WRs hitting the market this offseason, and there aren't really any "world beaters" in the draft. John recommends the Titans "look within" to improve the receivers already on the team. Gotta #TitanUp fellas.

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