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Do these Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott draft rumors mean anything?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Charlie Campbell of Walter Football is reporting that teams have "hard-party drug concerns" with two players from Ohio State who could possibly go in the top 10- DE Joey Bosa and RB Ezekiel Elliott. According to that article Bosa and Elliott lived together while playing at Ohio State and Bosa claims he had to move out because of all the parties Elliott was having.  Apparently a few Ohio State guys told teams that Bosa and Elliott are big party guys. I am sure Bosa and Elliott really appreciate their teammates throwing them under the bus.

Now I know a lot of you just can't believe that players at a program run by Urban Meyer would be out of control, but it could possibly be true. It will be interesting to see if this report hurts their draft stock at all. One thing is for sure, these NFL teams are going to do their homework. They will end up with all of the information they need, but that still might not stop someone from taking them early...I'm looking at you, Dallas!

Of course there is always the chance that a team is throwing this out there in hopes that one or both of these plays slide down the board. That has been known to happen, and as I always say, you cannot believe anything you hear about players or teams this time of year.