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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Rams trade up with Titans

In Cris Collinsworth's first ever mock, he projects a blockbuster trade.

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The trade talk surrounding the first pick has been very quiet lately. Neither Carson Wentz or Jared Goff seem to have enough momentum going to really demand going first overall.  However, what would a first round look like if someone like the Rams got desperate enough to move up?  That's exactly what Pro Football Focus gave us this morning.

Cris Collinsworth released his first mock draft of the year and it had a stunning beginning.  He projected the Los Angeles Rams trading up from pick 15, all the way to the first overall pick.  He notes that he's only guessing on the Rams, but he does believe that quarterbacks go 1-2 in this draft.  This is a unique opinion as most analysts believe that teams can stay put and still have a shot at landing their quarterback.

A move of this magnitude is very unlikely, plain and simple. What would it take to pull this off? A look at the handy-dandy trade chart gives us a glimpse.

Let's act like we are in Jon Robinson's shoes here.  Our trade would start with a swap of first round picks, giving the Rams the first pick and the Titans the 15th selection. From there, the Rams would have to match nearly 2,000 points on the chart.  Let's throw in each of their second rounders this year (43, 45).  We are still getting the short end of the stick on this deal by about 1,000 points on our chart.  The only way to match this value from here is to land the Rams 2017 first round pick.

This is all projection here, but are the Rams really willing to give up four top 50 (2 firsts, 2 seconds) selections for Carson Wentz?  I don't buy it.

Let's move on to what a potential 15th overall selection would look like. Collinsworth gave the Titans TCU receiver Josh Doctson. While I really love Doctson, adding him into the fray with an abundance of receivers already rostered would be surprising. That would mean Justin Hunter, Harry Douglas and Tre McBride would be on the chopping block, with two of the three needing to be cut.

I would think a more likely option would be Ohio State tackle Taylor Decker, who Collinsworth has slotted at pick 20. The next three picks for the Titans would then be at 33, 43 and 45.  You could get your cornerback, safety and maybe even your nose tackle with those picks.

A trade like this is unlikely, but this at least gives us a glimpse of what it could look like on paper. With as many holes as the Titans' roster has, you would have to believe that Jon Robinson would pull the trigger on this deal in a heartbeat.