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Jarran Reed has all the makings of a classic NFL nose tackle

Reed has size, strength, length and violent hands.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Nose tackle

School: Alabama

Size: 6-3, 307 pounds


  • Holds up against blocks. Rarely gives any ground.
  • Active and powerful hands.
  • Uses length keep blocks away and shed.
  • Ability to move blockers down the line of scrimmage, collapsing run plays.
  • Head stays up looking for the ball-carrier, can shed in any direction at any point.
  • Outstanding awareness.
  • Limited pass rusher. May be limited to a two-down player at the next level.
  • Average lateral agility and first step.

Reed lines up at nose tackle on this rep.  He immediately extends his arms and is in total control of the center. Watch as his head stays up. Reed looks for the ball and immediately sheds when he finds it. He's at his best in a "two-gapping" role.

This time he lines up at the five-tech spot.  He extends and keeps the tackle far enough away from him so he can disengage when needed. Again, look at his head.  His eyes are up and he's looking to see what gap he needs to shed to. He sees the run flow to the outside and he pounces. The tackle is totally overwhelmed by Reed, who controlled the play from the get-go.

Here's two examples of Reed using his length and hands to perform two swim moves. It's just another weapon that Reed can use in the trenches to disengage and make tackles.


Jarran Reed is someone that doesn't need to be overthought. He is what he is, which is an outstanding run defender. He's a thick body with outstanding strength that will make a difference on rushing downs in the NFL. Reed's awareness and ability to stack and shed really stands out.  He's got all the makings of a classic NFL nose tackle, but he could also contribute as a 5-tech defensive end. He won't give you much pass rush, but that's not what you're drafting him for. Reed will be an instant reinforcement for any team looking to beef up their defensive front.

Round grade: 1st round
Expected draft slot: 20-40