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Free agency not giving hints towards the 2016 NFL Draft for Tennessee Titans

Titans fans are still in limbo.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans went into free agency with several needs at several positions, but so far there is no hint to where they will go in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Arguably the top two needs going in free agency were right tackle and safety. While right tackle and safety don't have much positional value, it has led to a lot of speculation on who the Titans will draft number one. If the Titans were going to take Laremy Tunsil (left tackle from Ole Miss) and move Taylor Lewan over, you would have expected them to go after a big name safety in this free agency class.

On the other hand, if they were in love with Jalen Ramsey why not go and grab a Mitchell Schwartz or and Andre Smith, both of which have played right tackle at a very good level in the past (though it has been a little longer since Smith has been great). Even if they didn't love those guys, it makes the decision easy and clear on draft day.

However, neither one of those things will happen it seems. While there are some players that could still come in and start for the Titans in free agency, they aren't exactly making a huge push to go out and get any of them in the building.

With running back, cornerback depth (still may need a starter outside), center, and #2 wide receiver all sorted out the Titans can focus on taking the best player available in the draft. Right now, the best thought to me based on the depth at the different positions in the draft is:

1st round: Laremy Tunsil OT, Ole Miss

2nd round: William Jackson III CB, Houston/Mackensie Alexander CB, Clemson

3rd round: Darian Thompson S, Boise State/Justin Simmons S, Boston College

That is just the best option to me given this class. If you do want to go with Jalen Ramsey, your best case would probably look like this:

1st round: Jalen Ramsey DB, FSU

2nd round: Jack Conklin OT, Michigan State/Jason Spriggs OT, Indiana

3rd round: Jalen Mills S/CB, LSU

That is not as appealing to me, but if the Titans are going to plug those holes with players in this draft that is how I believe they would go about it if they chose Ramsey first.

Now, they could definitely trade back into the first or second round, and they could also sign some more free agents (it has only been five days since free agency actually started) so this could all change, but all in all if things stay the way they are these are the two most viable options right now.