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Matt Miller says Ben Jones is a big improvement at center

An impartial look at the Titans center position.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

While it isn't news for Titans fans that the center issue needed to be upgraded, it is interesting to see it quantified.

Whether or not you like Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, he does offer a mostly impartial view of the players in the NFL in his "B/R NFL 1,000" series. So, I went to his piece on who the top centers were in 2015 to look at how he graded the two.

Here is some of what he had to say on Brian Schwenke:

"Before suffering a broken leg in Week 6 against the Miami Dolphins, Brian Schwenke was far more effective and consistent in pass protection than he was in the run game...

In 2015, Schwenke had issues sustaining blocks in the run game. In downhill situations, he quickly snaps and fires off the ball, engaging low and gaining inside hand placement. He plays with more than enough square power to knock defenders off the ball. But he also often plays with an inconsistent base, which limits his ability to hook defenders and sometimes allows them to stack his block until they can slip off to make a play."

Generally he praised his quickness, but it is that same quickness that gets him in trouble and screws up his technique.

He ended up ranking him as the 26th best center in the NFL with a score of 72/97

Here is what he had to say on new center Ben Jones:

"Houston's Ben Jones is steady in pass protection. He understands what he is good at and puts himself in position to use those things to his advantage. In doing so, he limits his weaknesses and has proved to be a key component of the Texans' pass protection unit....

In the run game, Jones plays with more square power and raw strength than explosion at the point of attack. Still, he generates good force through his insteps, which allows him to strain and drive through to break stalemates against nose tackles."

Again, he gets more specific in his articles about the details that makes each player unique, but he didn't really have anything negative to say about Jones. I read his full breakdown of Jones as "if he was bigger and more athletic, everything he does technique wise would make him one of the best centers in the league" and I don't think that is me being biased.

He finished 17th in Miller's rankings with a score of 81/97 a full 9 points higher than Schwenke. To give an example of how big of a gap that is, if Jones had 9 more points added to his score he would have been the 3rd highest rated center in the NFL.

So, take that for what it is worth, but it is just more positive buzz of Jon Robinson finding players that the average fan doesn't know about, signing them for cheap and not worrying about "winning the offseason". He is showing that he is going to let his evaluation speak for itself, which is nice to see.