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2016 NFL Draft Rumors: Jalen Ramsey the favorite to be the fist pick

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Charlie Campbell of Walter Football says Jalen Ramsey is currently the favorite to be the #1 overall pick. He also says that the same source told him last year that Marcus Mariota was going to be the pick. Campbell uses that to prove it isn't a smokescreen.

I don't put a lot of stock in this for a couple of reasons:

1. It is entirely too early for the Titans to have their minds made up.

2. This is a new general manager. Does this person have the same relationship with Jon Robinson that he did with Ruston Webster?

Ramsey may end up being the pick, but I doubt that they already have their minds made up on that. They are also going to need to add a right tackle if they are going to pass on Laremy Tunsil. Robinson could still have something up his sleeve on that front, but the guys that could have plugged and played are already off the market.