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Titans free agency 2016: Ben Jones is a crazy man

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Ben Jones is a little bit crazy. We have already talked about him drinking his own urine. He also warms up barefoot on the field before games, but the best story might be the one from his days at Georgia. Jones once ripped out an opposing linebackers hair and brought it back to the huddle to give to Aaron Murray. When Murray didn't want the hair, Jones stuck it in his pants and ended up tying it to the cord from his ceiling fan. That's awesome!

You need your offensive lineman to have a nasty streak. David Stewart was so much fun to watch because he was so nasty. Jones is going to bring that same presence to the field. Mike Mularkey wants his team to be physical and control the line of scrimmage. Jones seems like exactly the guy to make that happen.

I cannot wait to see this new offensive line come together. It has been a long time since they have been good up front. This is shaping up to be the group that changes that.