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Between the posts: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

It is officially the offseason, and with that comes the return of "Between the Posts." Every night at 6 PM central I will put up a post that has something interesting that has caught my eye that day.  Most of the time it won't have anything to do with football, but sometimes it might.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial last night? I liked this one:

And this one:

Apparently that last one is controversial. Why can't people just laugh at things anymore?

If Super Bowl commercials aren't your thing, what is your favorite meme (or crying Jordan picture) you have seen from the game last night? This is it for me:


....or this....


I will never get tired of looking at those, or watching this...


Season on the line, and Cam wants nothing to do with trying to get in that scrum and get the football, but he did take the opportunity to show off his dance skills.