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Corey Coleman 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Corey Coleman isn't quite there yet, but he has the athletic ability to grow into a dominant player.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

School: Baylor

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 5-10, 190 pounds

Production: 2015: (12 games) 74 rec, 1363 yards, 20 TDs


  • One of the best athletes in the draft. Truly electric agility and acceleration. Eats up the defender's cushion in an instant.
  • Outstanding, quick feet that will allow him to get off of jams despite his size. This should allow him plenty of separation at the next level.
  • Aggressive, attacking mentality. Plays bigger than his 5-10 frame.
  • Game-breaking downfield speed.
  • Excellent at tracking the ball and making the correct adjustment to go attack the ball.
  • Adds value as a return man.
  • Small frame. Plays bigger, but durability is a concern.
  • Extremely limited as a route runner. Not to say he can't grow in this area, he just hasn't been asked to run a full tree.
  • Blocking will be a question mark. Baylor's system didn't call for much blocking out of their receivers.
  • Drop rate of 11.9 percent.

This is something Coleman will bring from day number one. Return skills. His agility and elusiveness is off the charts.

More of Coleman in the open field, this time after the catch. This is pretty insane athletic ability. Watch his start/stop.

Here's a look at Coleman's release. Defender has no shot. Easy pickings for Coleman. He sells the slant with his first step, then roasts the corner outside on the fade.


Corey Coleman may not have the polish and experience of some of the other receivers in this class, but none of them possess the pure talent and athletic ability that Coleman does. He has a long way to go as a route runner, but I'll take the risk that he can figure it out as he goes.  He will be an instant difference maker in the return game while he learns the nuances of receiver play. He's the very definition of a high-upside pick.

Does he fit with the Titans at pick 33?  In my opinion he does, but I'm not sure Jon Robinson will feel the same way. The Titans already have a bit of a project in Dorial Green-Beckham and I'm not sure the team will want to put another unpolished guy out the with Marcus Mariota in year two. I'm not calling Coleman a project, but I do think that he will take some time to get acclimated to the NFL as a route runner. He's my number two ranked receiver, trailing behind Laquon Treadwell.

Coleman would be coveted by Ruston Webster, who loved pure athletes. We'll see how Robinson compares this time around. He's mentioned that the most important thing for him is reliability. Coleman's limited route tree and 11.9% drop rate could scare Robinson away.

Round grade: 1st round
Expected draft slot: 20-40