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What a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win means for the Tennessee Titans

How would it affect their offseason.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is waiting for the Super Bowl to start and with that comes the end of the 2015 NFL season.

With no one knowing what caused either team to win or lose the game today, we don't know exactly how this will affect the Titans offseason. However, with the second pick in the second round, you can be sure that this game will have a big impact on the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos offseasons.

Here is how I think a Denver Broncos win changes their mentality this offseason.

The Broncos need an offensive tackle

There is no getting around just how bad the offensive tackles for the Denver Broncos have been. They have been run through by the edge rushers in there division and things are definitely not looking up.

However, if the Denver Broncos win it is because they are able to keep Peyton Manning upright long enough to consistently make the passes he needs to make to win. While there will definitely need to be a running component to that offense, I have to imagine that the Panthers top run defense will force Peyton Manning to win this game rather than taking their chances.

If they do win, this team may figure that if the offensive tackle can hold up to this team, maybe they can develop and improve going into next season coming off of that high note. That can let them focus on a position like tight end, where the need some help despite Owen Daniels being a big contributor two weeks ago.

That may be the difference between a first round tackle falling to pick #33, or the Titans not being able to get a starter on the offensive line fall to them in the second.