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What a Carolina Panthers Super Bowl win means for the Tennessee Titans

How would it affect their offseason.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is waiting for the Super Bowl to start and with that comes the end of the 2015 NFL season.

With no one knowing what caused either team to win or lose the game today, we don't know exactly how this will affect the Titans offseason. However, with the second pick in the second round, you can be sure that this game will have a big impact on the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos offseasons.

Here is how I think a Panthers win affects the Tennessee Titans.

The Panthers are the classic WR draft team

If the Panthers win tonight then they can look at their roster and pick out where they need the most help. If that happens there are a few things I have to assume happened:

1. The offensive tackles held up well enough to win against the best pass rush in the NFL.

2. The defensive front did enough to stop the Denver Broncos run game.

3. The defense either held up enough on the backend, or got enough pressure to fluster the passing game when the running game fell apart.

The only thing I can see them winning without is good WR play. Cam Newton and those running backs are going to do damage on the ground, that is just a given. However, if this game is close that is only because those wide receivers couldn't beat their man consistently.

There will be extra guys in the box to stop Cam and company from gashing them on the ground which means favorable matchups. So, no matter how the Panthers win I expect the weakest unit to clearly be those wide receivers.

Guys like Josh Doctson, Michael Thomas, Tyler Boyd, and Sterling Sheppard all make sense at the bottom of the first round, so don't be surprised if they go that route.

However, if they lose and there is a gaping hole somewhere else, it opens the door for the Titans to steal one of those guys.