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Ranking every team's quarterback needs

A quick look before the Super Bowl.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are about to officially end the NFL postseason. With that comes the start of the 2015 NFL offseason.

With quarterback being the most important position in the NFL, there is a reason why everyone wants to fall in love with quarterbacks in the draft. They can be the driving factor in a team changing their history and moving on to greatness.

Before the Carolina Panthers had Cam Newton they were one of the worst teams in the league for several years running. It was only when they fell all the way to the bottom, that they found Cam Newton and started their complete rebuild.

So, with that in mind there are many teams that will be mentioned this offseason when people talk about potential trade targets for the Titans and that number one draft pick. So, here is how I have them ranked by their 2016 NFL Draft position.

1. Tennessee Titans 3/10

The Titans may want to look to upgrade at the backup position, but until this team has a good offensive line and a solid run game, it is hard to judge Zach Mettenberger completely.

2. Cleveland Browns 9/10

Josh McCown is making a lot of money for mediocrity and Johnny Manziel is on his way out. They have already said that they want a new QB in this draft and I can't believe they will pass on a QB.

3. San Diego Chargers 5/10

Phil Rivers is not happy with the potential of this team moving to LA, and they look like they are headed that way. If he retires next year that team has nothing close to a quality QB.

4. Dallas Cowboys 8/10

I would say that people are underrating the need for a QB in Dallas. That team won 0 games without Tony Romo who is getting very old and has had several major injuries this year. They may never get a chance to pick this high again until it is too late and they have wasted Dez Bryant's prime and that offensive line disperses.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 3/10

They are fine and Blake Bortles looks like he will put up great numbers in the TD and yards department if you can live with the interceptions.

6. Baltimore Ravens 5/10

Joe Flacco is relatively young and he is a top-12 guy when healthy, the question is how will he look with his repaired knee this year?

7. San Francisco 49ers 9/10

This team is living on the Blaine Gabbert bandwagon right now. Colin Kaepernick wants out and they apparently don't want him there anyway.

8. Miami Dolphins 4/10

Ryan Tannehill has a lot of potential and when he is in the right system he can be fine, but they need a quality backup.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2/10

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota both looked great in their rookie years and Winston has looked durable behind a young offensive line that should only get better. They also have a decent backup.

10. New York Giants 5/10

Eli Manning won't be there forever, and it is time to start thinking about the future.

11. Chicago Bears 5/10

Now that Adam Gase is gone, will Jay Cutler return to old Jay Cutler?

12. New Orleans Saints 5/10

Another team that is in the rebuild or one-last-push mode, which means that they could easily go after a QB here if one slips.

13. Philadelphia Eagles 8/10

You want to know their top starter at QB? Mark Sanchez. You want to know number two? There is none. That is almost as desperation mode as you can get.

14. Oakland Raiders 3/10

They need a better backup, but Derek Carr is great.

15. LA Rams 7/10

Nick Foles is not the guy you want leading your team and the Rams desperately need to improve. If they can move Foles to some team for draft picks, that could be huge if they are trying to make a move up.

16. Detroit Lions 3/10

They are good at starter, but nothing special at running back.

17. Atlanta Falcons 5/10

They need a better backup, and some people are starting to doubt Matt Ryan as a franchise QB.

18. Indianapolis Colts 1/10

If the Colts keep Matt Hasselbeck (which is highly likely) then they are a model team. If not, this grade should go up to a 4.

19. Buffalo Bills 4/10

What do they do? Tyrod Taylor is good, but I have to imagine he asks for a pay raise and they will have to do it because they have nothing behind him and Rex Ryan loves him. However, they desperately need a backup.

20. New York Jets 4/10

I don't trust Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he is playing well. They need a QB for the future and they didn't get it last year.

21. Washington Redskins 4/10

I have to imagine they will franchise Kirk Cousins, if they don't then this is a 10/10.

22. Houston Texans 10/10

Brian Hoyer and Tom Savage are the top two quarterbacks for Houston. That is an absolute nightmare and if they didn't play in an AFC South without Andrew Luck, they would have won four games.

23. Minnesota Vikings 2/10

I like what they have in Teddy Bridgewater and with a decent backup (Shaun Hill).

24. Cincinnati Bengals 4/10

I don't think A.J. McCarron will ever be anything more than a middling backup, and without Hue Jackson, Andy Dalton could collapse.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers 6/10

Big Ben isn't going to last forever and he breaks down more and more every year. Landry Jones just can't be your starter.

26. Seattle Seahawks 4/10

Only because they don't have a backup quarterback right now.

27. Green Bay Packers 2/10

While Aaron Rodgers has sneakily been one of the most banged up quarterbacks in the league, I am interested to see what Brett Hundley would look like if he stepped in.

28. Kansas City Chiefs 4/10

Chase Daniels is a free agent and Alex Smith is never someone that you should feel comfortable with.

29. Arizona Cardinals 5/10

They desperately need a quality backup behind Carson Palmer who is not too far away from retirement.

30. Denver Broncos 8/10

The Broncos won't franchise Brock Osweiler apparently, and that means that they potentially have no one on their roster at quarterback who should be anything more than a 3rd quarterback.

31. Carolina Panthers 2/10

Cam Newton seems almost indestructible and Derek Anderson is fine as a backup.

32. New England Patriots 1/10

Another model franchise, the Patriots have a Hall of Famer starting, who doesn't look close to stopping. On top of that they have a highly touted backup who should be good in the future.