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Joey Bosa may not interview well, but Jon Robinson has seen that before

Why Joey Bosa may struggle with the interview process.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Bosa does not come off great in interviews, but neither did potentially the greatest tight end in NFL history.

With draft season about to start, it is time to start loading podcasts and saving your favorite draft websites. One of those podcasts is the Sports Illustrated podcast "On the Clock". The podcast linked there has a pretty lengthy interview with someone that Titans fans should get very well acquainted with over the next two months: Joey Bosa.

Let's put aside why the Tennessee Titans shouldn't draft Bosa for a second, and look at why they would.

1. Jon Robinson has been very clear in the fact that he wants dominant and physical play from both the offensive and defensive line. Bosa is that guy and he was so dominant at times that when he moved inside on some sub packages he even drew the Ndamukong Suh triple team that is much more rare than you think.

2. Robinson doesn't want projects and Bosa is as refined a player as you are going to find in this draft class. His technique with his hands and his ability to win in multiple ways from multiple position is very impressive.

3. The Titans pass defense is the closest thing they had to a complete unit in 2015, and when Derrick Morgan went out it devastated that group. This team needs someone who can step in and be a capable pass rusher if one of the edge players goes out again

4. He absolutely devastated Donovan Smith during their matchup in college, and that was a player that he took at the top of the second round in the 2015 NFL Draft. So that likely means that they thought that he was a late first round caliber player, and if Bosa destroyed him in his second year in college football, imagine what kind of grade that would warrant.

So those are some of the biggest pros for Joey Bosa. Unfortunately, when you listen to that podcast you will hear one of his biggest negatives, he just doesn't interview well. He doesn't answer questions sharply and while he says the right things, he doesn't seem to have much conviction behind his words.

Luckily for the Tennessee Titans, that should be no problem if he tests out on film. Why? Because Jon Robinson saw this before in Rob Gronkowski. In one of his favorite stories (and one that illustrates his skill as a talent evaluator) Robinson talks about how Gronkowski was a terrible interview and he came of as a "meathead". So much so that when Robinson was asked who "his guy" was in that draft class by Bill Belichick, he answered "Rob Gronkowski" which was apparently met with heavy skepticism by Belichick. So much so, that he had to defend his point and he and Belichick went into a room and watched some film until finally Belichick was won over and said, "Let's bring him in for a visit." The rest is history and the Patriots are a shell of their current team if they don't have #87.

So, while the interview is an important process, if Robinson grades him out as an elite talent he won't stop to make this team better by drafting him, where some teams would have their reservations.