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Re-grading the Titans 2015 offseason

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mike Sando of wrote an article today (In$ider) where he re-graded the offseason of all 32 NFL teams. Sando gave the Titans a B- for their efforts last offseason.  He gave the Titans the exact same grade in his re-grade. Here are his comments:

First-round pick Marcus Mariota finished his first season with the fifth-highest QBR (61.0) among 29 qualifying rookies over the past decade. That was a notch better than Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater and Cam Newton as first-year players -- and just behind Andrew Luck. The addition of Mariota salvages an offseason marked by decent but not highly impactful moves. Brian Orakpo was about what the Titans expected, particularly before Derrick Morgan's injury (re-signing Morgan was another plus from the offseason). Free-agent addition Perrish Cox signed for too much money. Watching Michael Oher fare better elsewhere after leaving Tennessee had to hurt.

Cox wasn't great, but he didn't "sign for too much money." The Titans needed to upgrade at corner and they had a ton of money to spend.

The 2015 offseason will always be remembered for drafting Marcus Mariota. The grade for that will always be tied to him.  That grade will end up as an A+.