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Tennessee Titans News Links: "They Have The Recipe There In Tennessee"

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
We are four days away from Super Bowl 50! The media, coaches, and players (past and present) are all congregated in San Francisco right now. A hot topic of discussion when it comes to the Titans? Marcus Mariota. One former coach, Brian Billick, is reminded of Aaron Rodgers when he watches Mariota. That's pretty strong praise, and I certainly hope Mariota can light it up like Rodgers does!

John Elway thinks Mariota will have a great career. He digs his athletic ability and believes he can make all the throws. What Mariota needs is to be sorrunded by some strong players to elevate his game. MAKE IT HAPPEN, ROBINSON!

A former player who saw some success during Mularkey's time in Pittsburgh was Kordell Stewart. He likes the Mariota-Mularkey pairing, and thinks Mularkey will be great with Marcus. I certainly hope so. I'm not a fan of how the "coaching search" went, and I didn't want Mularkey to get the head coaching position, but if they win then none of that will matter.

Cortland Finnegan now plays for the Carolina Panthers. He is beyond stoked to be playing in the Super Bowl, and he feels indebted to the Titans. The Titans gave him a shot, and he loves the organization. He even thinks it would be nice to coach with them one day.

The Titans desperately need some help on the offensive line. Especially veteran help. Paul K says the Titans will have some good options for O-Line help when free agency hits. I suspect a position on the line will be hit pretty early once free agency begins. At least I hope so.

Way Back Wednesday News!
Manning, McNair in rare MVP tie (1/3/2004)

That's all for today. Happy reading!