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Tennessee Titans should look at NFL Draft Combine snub

Someone you should know on Day Three of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft Combine always produces a lot of talking points. One of the more interesting one is the snubs. Players who have stood out in their college careers, but who for some reason don't get an invite to the Combine.

There is one player this year that really stands out to me as a snub, and he is someone who I don't think has gotten enough publicity as he should have. He is also a player that compares favorably to Julian Edelman the receiver that the New England Patriots drafted in the 7th round in 2009, who has now become a focal point of their offense.

That player is Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds.

Reynolds finished 5th in Heisman trophy voting this year after a great season with the Midshipman. A season where he broke the record for most rushing touchdowns in NCAA history and earned himself a trip to the 2016 Shrine Game.

Here is an excerpt of a CBS story about Reynolds and his time at those practices:

"...with his size (5-10, 200) and skill-set, Reynold's best fit in the NFL is at running back, a position he has never played. However, with his experience as a ballcarrier in Navy's option offense, the transition should go smoothly. And if Monday's Shrine Game practice is any indication, Reynolds looks like a natural at the new position.

Reynolds showed the lower body athleticism to make quick cuts and fluidly redirect his momentum, stringing together his moves to pick through the defense. He reads the field well and has the speed to beat the linebacker to the edge. With only one career catch in college, Reynolds is unproven as a pass-catcher out of the backfield, but he didn't drop a ball during the first practice and appeared natural looking the ball into his hands before bursting downfield."

During his time at the shrine game he also won the Pat Tillman award, a prize celebrating "Character, intelligence, sportsmanship, and service."

So how does he compare favorably to Edelman? Well:

-Both are 5'10", 200 lb.

-Both are transitioning from quarterback.

-Neither were invited to the Combine.

-Both were the leading rushers on their teams in their final year.

I'm not saying that the transition will be a one-to-one overlap where everything is identical, but to say that there aren't comparisons between the two is incorrect.

I think it would be very smart for a team that is looking to have an "exotic smashmouth" offense to bring in a gadget player who actually has the ability to grow into something. Reynolds could be the next Antwaan Randle El/Julian Edelman type player in this offense who is the 4th best receiver and a punt/kick returner, who also can be a gadget quarterback if the offense gets tricky.

I would love to see the Titans spend one of their late round picks on Reynolds, with the idea that he can make this team more flexible on offense while also offering depth at running back, wide receiver, return man, and as an emergency quarterback.