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2016 NFL Draft Combine: Fallers

Three players the Tennessee Titans should stay away from.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft Combine is underway, and while DBs still have to do there on the field activities, there has been more than enough to analyze already.

There are some obvious names who will be picked apart to the nearest fraction of a second, but that is only about 10% of the participants at the Combine. The Combine is here to bring attention to guys that you may not have known, or guys who show just how bad these drills can be run.

Last year Andrus Peat was considered to be the best offensive tackle heading into the draft since Brandon Scherff was considered a guard. However, a sloppy combine led to the New York Giants taking Ereck Flowers ahead of Peat. Neither had good rookie years, but Peat really struggled with the defensive linemen in the NFC South.

These are the three players that I think the Titans should stay away from:

Blue Chip: Jaylon Smith LB, Notre Dame

I hate to say this because Smith was so dominant when he was on the field, but if the nerve damage in his knee is as bad as they say it is there is a good chance that we should be wondering if he even gets drafted. There are whispers saying that it is one the same level of Marcus Lattimore who was also a great athlete when healthy who had his career derailed by nerve damage in the knee.

Not only is he a great player on the field, many have said that he is one of the best guys in interviews and just talking to coaches and media members. If the Titans medical staff things that he can come back after a year off, I would have no problem with them spending a late second or early third on him. If not, they may have to knock him off the board completely.

Mid-Round: Cardale Jones QB, Ohio State

If the Tennessee Titans were looking to find an athletic quarterback who could step in if Marcus had to miss a game or two, this was the time for Jones to prove that he was the guy. However after running a poor 40 and hurting himself in the process, he really didn't have a chance to prove that he was worth one of those mid-round picks.

I don't care if the Titans look at him with one of their 6th round picks as a third QB until Zach Mettenberger leaves or gets traded, but anything higher than that would give me a little bit of pause.

Late Round: De'Runnya Wilson WR, Mississippi State

Wilson came in and ended up getting measured at 6'5" which was a really good sign on day one. However, when he ran a 4.85 second 40, it really put a damper on the parade.

It only got worse when he put out really low numbers on the vertical and broad jumps. In the vertical the differential between the top performing wide receiver (Josh Doctson with 41 inches) and his (28 inches) ended up being more than a full foot. That is a huge difference no matter how tall you are.

If the Titans want to look at him as a potential red zone threat, that makes sense. However, with those numbers unless he just blows away the interviews and personal workouts, I don't know how you can sign off on him as a draftable player.