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Don't expect the Tennessee Titans to be quiet in free agency.

The Titans have money to spend and they will spend it.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I believe that the Tennessee Titans are going to be active in free agency. With so many holes on the roster and with the 5th most cap room in the league, why wouldn't they be?

Now I know that you are saying that Jon Robinson is frugal and there are quotes that say that the Titans are going to be economical with their money. However, that is exactly why I am breaking down how they should spend their money in free agency.

By allotting certain percentages for each wave they protect themselves from spending more than they want. It also gives you the opportunity to go after these guys in the pre-free agency talks with clear numbers.

So, while there are some indicators that the Titans won't spend money, don't forget what happened in Tampa Bay. In his first year as the second in command there, they were the biggest players in free agency. Look at the list of people they signed or traded for:

1. Darrelle Revis

2. Alterraun Verner

3. Donald Penn

4. Michael Johnson

At the time that was four blue-chip caliber players who got big contracts. While those players didn't play out well, based on how they have done at other stops I would say that was a coaching issue rather than a talent issue.

So, don't say that there is no history of the trying to go out and make an impact in free agency, because that is a pretty huge indicator.

As for his time with the Tennessee Titans, look no further than an interview with the Titans own site for a really good quote that describes how he might pursue free agents:

"We are trying to play a little bit of a chess game, and position ourselves not only for this year, but the following year,’’ he said. "I was a part of the Patriots and we were able to do that on a year after year after year basis and make strategic moves in free agency and add guys to the team and meet certain roles. If we have a chance to add an impact player, trust me we’re going to be aggressive and go after that guy."

Another quote that I found on 247 Sports, shows that they will be ready to spend money in the free agent market:

"We are not looking for the blue-light special. We are not looking for bargain-basement shopping. In the end, it’s about what’s best for the football team."

So while I don't doubt they will try to get some good value down the road, I think Jon Robinson realizes that he has a chance to make an immediate impact and infuse this team with talent in March and not just in April with the draft. This is an opportunity to put his stamp on the team now, and I don't think he is a half-measure sort of guy like Ruston Webster.