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Tennessee Titans News Links: More Combine News!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
"QB Guru" George Whitfield Jr. says Marcus Mariota is going to be vicious. He feels that once he gets more experience he will become familiar with certain scenarios and defenses, and it will bode well for him. He was impressed by Mariota's rookie season, but was not surprised. He knew he was talented enough, and competitive enough, to make the transition. He also believes Mariota will improve the more he watches film, and the more time he spends with his teammates during the offseason.

Derrick Morgan may be questionable for OTAs. In October Morgan suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder, and had to undergo surgery. He may be limited when it comes time for OTAs, but the Titans will take it slow with him. On the plus side Mularkey couldn't think of any other players that may not be ready for OTAs.

Combine News!
The Titans are going to try to knock players off their game at the Combine. Mularkey stated they are going to ask questions that they know players won't be prepared to answer. Sometimes that practice can become a bit inappropriate (Ex: Dez Bryant being asked if his mother was a prostitute). Hopefully it doesn't go that far with the Titans...

Is Greenlaw's favorite RB Derrick Henry a good fit for the Titans? It almost sounds like he is the type of RB Robinson describes wanting on the team. Robinson is wanting a strong and physical runner. One that can get tough yards when handed the ball. Henry may fit that description, but is he too big to play in the NFL? These are the tough questions.

Picking Laremy Tunsil at number one isn't a guaranteed "slam dunk." A couple things drafting Tunsil would create: 1. Moving Lewan to right tackle. Would Lewan be comfortable with that? Would he be able to adapt? How fast could he adapt and learn the position? 2. Adding Tunsil would mean adding another young player on the line. I'm still hopeful the Titans will add a Veteran on the line this offseason. Especially a Center.

Each day we hear from different members of the national media. Today it is Pete Prisco's turn. Is Jalen Ramsey worthy of the number one pick? In a roundabout way Prisco says he doesn't think he should be taken number one. He does think Ramsey will be a great player, but it's hard to justify drafting his position at number one overall.

A position of need this year, like every year, is Wide Receiver. Laquon Treadwell could be a WR that could give a boost to the Titans WR core. His last injury has made him appreciate the game more, and has made him want to work harder. Number one is too high of a pick to take him, but drafting him could be a possibility if the Titans trade down. Treadwell would provide the type of WR the Titans are looking for: dependable hands, and can run precise routes. Treadwell has said he doesn't like to model himself after anyone, but does like the way Dez Bryant attacks the ball and makes plays. It would be great to draft this guy. It would be even better if he doesn't end up in a "JAG" jersey during practice.

Video Links!
Day 2 at 2016 NFL Scouting Combine with Mike Keith and Amie Wells.  
How the Combine Works: 3 Cone Drill

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