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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Just Another Guy"

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"Just another guy that you see around,
No more than a face somewhere in the crowd..."

Titans News!
New Titans Defensive Backs coach, Deshea Townsend, will preach technique, but just wants results. He wants the steps taken by the players to come from muscle memory, but understands sometimes that doesn't happen. He just wants the play to be made. I really like that he is another coach who likes to teach technique. A lot like how Bratkowski wants to focus on technique and not just put guys in "JAG" jerseys.

Draft News!
Yesterday we heard from "The Hair." Today we hear from Mayock. Mayock also believes Tunsil to the Titans makes a lot of sense, but he also thinks trading out of the number one spot also makes a lot of sense for the Titans. He says the Quarterback talk has been heating up, and that means it makes trading out of the number one spot even more of a possibility. I just hope the Titans don't draft "Just Another Guy."

John Glennon also has an article on Mayock's comments about the Titans and the draft. He reiterates trading down would be the best scenario for the Titans. He doesn't see THAT big of a difference between Tunsil and Stanley, so if they were to trade down a few spots they could still get a solid tackle to protect Mariota. Maybe the Titans could trade down and take a Wide Receiver like Treadwell? He would be a great addition to the WR core and I'm sure he is more than "Just Another Guy."

Way Back Wednesday News!
Justin Hunter says he's not 'Just Another Guy' (8/11/14)
JAG jersey may push Hunter to NFL's top tier (8/16/14)
Tennessee Titans force Justin Hunter to wear JAG jersey (8/12/14)
Titans wideout Justin Hunter identified as 'Just Another Guy' on practice jersey (8/12/14)
Justin Hunter's last name removed from jersey after route running snafu (8/12/14)
Titans' Justin Hunter shows he's not 'Just Another Guy' (8/16/14)
Justin Hunter trying to shed 'Just Another Guy' label (8/12/14)

That's all for today. Happy reading!