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Could Leonte Carroo be an option for the Titans on day two?

Leonte Carroo will be a steal on day two of the NFL Draft

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

School: Rutgers

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 5-11, 217 pounds

Production: (31 games) 122 receptions, 2373 yards, 29 TDs


  • Attacking mentality. Goes after the ball in the air aggressively.
  • Great vertical ability.
  • Wins consistently on contested catches, despite 6-0 frame.
  • Strong, stocky build.
  • Crafty, effective route runner. Quick feet and sells his fakes.
  • Big time production despite poor quarterback play.
  • Reliable hands. Just three drops in three seasons.


  • Limited top end speed.
  • Comes off a bit stiff when making sharp cuts.
  • Suspended two games for allegedly assaulting a woman outside of a Rutgers facility. The charges were later dropped.


Not a lot of separation here, but you get an idea of how skilled Carroo is with this play. He shows off his huge hands and ability to concentrate here with coverage bearing down on him near the sideline.

This is one of those 50-50, contested catches. Keep in mind that Carroo is 5-11. The throw is desperate, but Carroo makes it work. The defender actually has the ball in his control, only to have Carroo rip it from his grip. This is something that I love seeing out of receivers. A "my-ball" mentality to crucial for any receiver at any level.


Leonte Carroo is one of my favorite prospects in this class. I love receivers that play bigger than their frame suggests. Carroo's ability to attack the ball and win despite his small stature is very impressive.  His hands are some of the best, if not the best in this class. Just three drops in three seasons as a receiver is an insane number.

Carroo averaged 20.7 yards per catch this season, proving his worth as a downfield threat. His top end speed isn't great, but his acceleration causes issues for opposing cornerbacks. He's a big play receiver and a reliable target for his quarterback.

Scouts have some question marks on his character issues off the field, which could drop him off a few teams' boards entirely, including Jon Robinson's. He's an ideal pick talent-wise at 64 if he's still available. I think he's a very productive player at the next level.

Round grade: 2nd round

Expected draft slot: Picks 50-75