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2016 NFL Free Agency: Football Outsiders with a bold move for the Titans

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The folks from Football Outsiders wrote a post at ESPN (In$ider) that pointed out a "bold move" each AFC team should make. They had an interesting one for the Titans- sign Doug Martin or Lamar Miller. They mentioned in the post that they usually don't advise someone spending big money on a free agent running back, but this is different for a variety of circumstances- cap space, need, and young age of Martin and Miller.

I don't like the idea of giving a running back big money, but as much as I love Derrick Henry, I would rather see the Titans give one of these guys a decent contract than draft Henry at #33. They just have so many needs, and the second pick of the second round could bring a really good player at a position that holds more valuable.

The article has some really encouraging stats on Martin- led the league in broken tackles- and Miller- led the league is success rate in 2014. The Titans need a back that is not 100% dependent on the offensive line to make things happen. Neither of these guys are.

It would be really fun to see an offense with Marcus Mariota and Miller in the backfield. That would give opposing defensive coordinators a lot to think about.