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Mel Kiper: Laremy Tunsil would be an elite tackle in any draft

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharksy talked to Mel Kiper about the man that most are expecting the Titans to take with the first pick in the draft, Laremy Tunsil.  Here is part of what Kiper told Kuharsky about Tunsil:

"Tunsil, in any draft, would be an elite left tackle. When he played, he played at a high level and he was as good as any left tackle to come out in recent years.

Kiper went on to compare Tunsil to Walter Jones in that same article. That's some pretty high praise.

I still hope the Titans address the need on the offensive line in free agency, but if they end up drafting a future Hall of Famer I guess I won't be mad.

Be sure and click on the link to PK's article. He included Kiper's thoughts on Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame. Would the Titans be better off trading down and selecting Stanley? Kiper has some interesting comments on that.