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One AFC cap casualty the Tennessee Titans should go after

How to strengthen the defense.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans will be big players in free agency this offseason, but that doesn't mean they have to throw money at players. One way to ensure that you get a player that you believe can help the team for cheap, is to look in free agency at this "pre-wave" of guys being released by other teams.

Before you dismiss this, look no farther than the 2015 Super Bowl for a player that made a huge impact to his team that was signed from another team after a cut. Demarcus Ware not only was he the second leading pass rusher for his team despite missing five games with an injury, the only guy that was better than him happened to be the Super Bowl MVP.

He was crucial in getting that ring, and here is the player that I believe can help the Tennessee Titans the most in this wave of cuts. To look at who I choose from, here is a link to the NFL story I used as my pool of candidates.

AFC- Mario Williams DE, Buffalo Bills

Williams is two years younger than Ware, and there is no reason to expect that he couldn't be equally as productive in the right environment. He is a huge defensive end that was athletic enough to play 3-4 DE/OLB in Wade Phillip's scheme in Houston before he left for free agency.

In a league where being multiple and getting to the pass rusher are important, how can you ignore a player like Williams who has been one of the more dominant edge rushers in history and who has averaged 11 sacks per year over the last four years.

Williams isn't washed yet, and he can still be a dominant edge rusher who wins with power and hands, just like Brian Orakpo. Why not have those two and Derrick Morgan all on the field in 4-3 scenarios with Orakpo playing like a 4-3 SLB? That isn't the only way you can use him, but he still has the athleticism and savvy to play in this zone blitz scheme.

While it isn't on everyone's mind, don't forget that the Titans play in the division with Andrew Luck and Blake Bortles, two very big quarterbacks who don't go down as easily as most other quarterbacks. Bringing in a physical player like Williams into this defense would be fun.