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Tennessee Titans News Links: "We have a lot of options."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I wanna rock and roll all night,
And party every day..."

Titans News!
The Wide Receiver position has been very underwhelming to say the least. This means Bob Bratkowski, the new Wide Receivers coach, has his work cut out for him. Priority number one, to him, is helping out Marcus Mariota. He wants receivers to develop a relationship with him, and get him to trust them. You know the saying, "The customer is always right"? Well to Bratkowski: "The Quarterback is always right." I'm very interested to see what happens with this group of players. Just don't make anyone wear a "JAG" jersey please...

New Titans Defensive Backs coach, Deshea Townsend, believes his experience as both a player and a coach will be beneficial to the Titans. He has experience in both playing in, and coaching, LeBeau's system, so he knows the terminology, and can recognize when a mistake will be made.

Teams can begin using the franchise tag on players beginning on Tuesday. The more good players that hit Free Agency, the better for the Titans. So let's hope teams collectively lose their sanity for some reason and don't tag anyone. Hey. A man can dream, right?

The Titans are looking at options to replace Michael Griffin. Robinson has expressed that there are a lot of options for filling the hole Griffin has left. Hopefully they can find someone who can step up, or bring in someone who can make a huge impact for the team.

Way Back Wednesday News!
Johnson sixth to rush for 2,000 yards (1/3/2010)