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Breaking down potential Titans' trade back target Vernon Hargreaves

The former Gator has the feet and fluidity, but size and speed are legit concerns.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

School: Florida

Position: Cornerback

Size: 5-10, 192

Production: 2015 season: 4 interceptions, 31 tackles


  • Great short area skills
  • Above average change of direction ability and excellent fluidity/flexibility
  • Very active in run support
  • Despite size, shows off a good ability to go up vertically to defend passes
  • Shows a good ability to mirror receivers in man coverage
  • Quick feet allow him to stay on balance while changing direction with receivers
  • Outstanding competitor that is stronger than his slight frame appears


  • Listed at 5-11, but many feel that he will measure closer to 5-9
  • Questionable long speed. Struggles to stay with guys with speed down the field.
  • Susceptible to double moves due to his aggressive nature
  • Struggles to recover once down a step

Hargreaves (top of your screen) isn't sitting on this route. He opens his hips fully prepared to run downfield with his man.  However, his man breaks off his route after five yards.  Hargreaves immediate reacts, sinking and flipping his hips instantly, blanketing the receiver. This is one thing I absolutely love about Hargreaves.

Despite size concerns, Hargreaves can still matchup with bigger receivers because of his vertical ability.  I've seen him do this plenty of times.  Watch him get up here for the deflection.

Here's the thing with Hargreaves. He's great in a short area, but look what happens when he gets a step behind. Most all of the great corners have an ability to recover, but I don't think Hargreaves has that gear. Important note; this is against New Mexico State.

This is without a doubt Hargreaves worst play of his career. We saw him nibble just enough to get beat on a double move above, but this time he takes the bait hook, line and sinker. This result stems from Hargreaves' attacking, aggressive mentality. Aggression is a double edged sword.


Hargreaves will be an interesting case to watch in terms of how clubs value corners. Everyone seems to want the big, long-armed press man corners right now, but Hargreaves isn't that. However, his short area quickness and change of direction ability set him apart from the pack.

I think his long speed is a real issue, however. If he gets out of position initially and the route is headed downfield, Hargreaves will be playing from behind and I'm not sure he has that extra gear to recovery consistently. The struggle with double moves can be corrected, but long speed can't be taught.

I love Hargreaves in the short area and think he has a long career ahead of him. I think he can really excel in a slot role, covering the Julian Edelmans and Jarvis Landrys of the world, but I worry about him on the outside against dynamic downfield threats.

Round grade: 2nd round
Expected draft range: Picks 10-25