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2016 NFL Free Agency: Which players will get the franchise tag?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first day NFL teams can use the franchise tag on a player. The Titans will not be using the franchise tag because they don't have anyone that is worth using it on (here is the complete list of Titans' free agents). The deadline for teams to tag a player is March 1st. Teams that are going to use the tag will probably wait a while and try to work out a long-term deal.

Here is how much it will cost a team to use the franchise tag on a player by position:

Quarterback: $19.748M
Running back: $11.871M
Wide receiver: $14.527M
Tight end: $9.053M
Offensive line: $13.678M
Defensive end: $15.494M
Defensive tackle: $13.368M
Linebacker: $14.131M
Cornerback: $13.838M
Safety: $10.717M
Punter/kicker: $4.534M

All franchise tags are one-year, guaranteed deals.

There are 3 players that are locks to get the franchise tag (if a long-term deal cannot be worked out). Those are Eric Berry, Von Miller and Josh Norman. It would be great for the Titans to get any of those 3, but it just isn't going to happen.

The player that is the most intriguing to me is Alshon Jeffery. This time last year it would have been a no-brainer for the Bears to franchise the man I affectionately call Fatshon, but it was a rough year with injuries for Jeffery. The Bears might not be inclined to give him all of that money.

Hopefully they don't and the Titans get in the mix for his services. They really need to get Marcus Mariota a dynamic option on the outside. There is a chance that Dorial Green-Beckham can be that guy, but it would be foolish for the Titans to ignore the receiver position and count on that.

Can you imagine an offense that features Alshon, Delanie Walker, DGB and Kendall Wright. I don't like Wright as a #1 option, but I will take him all day as the #3 option. If they could make that happen, they wouldn't even need a running back!

So while the Titans won't be using the tag, they will be keeping a close eye on what other teams around the league decide to do.