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Jim Wyatt and Tennessee Titans free agent fits

Who makes sense?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have a big offseason coming up, and Jim Wyatt who is with the team now has a nice quote on what they will do in free agency. Now, it is also the season for reckless speculation and having fun imagining the possibilities of what a team with all the resources like the Titans could do.

So with both those things in mind, let's look at a quote from Wyatt's mailbag:

" I think the team will definitely make some key moves in free agency, but with a new general manager in Jon Robinson, there’s plenty TBD. But I’ll say this: I expect the team will make some key additions in free agency and the draft."

When he says key additions there, I don't read that as plugging holes. Everyone knows that every team is going to plug some holes in free agency and the draft, that is why they are there. So I think fans can read that and think that he has some information that says that they will try to get some high caliber players in free agency to match the kind of blue-chippers they could get in this draft in the first few rounds.

Excluding the guys I think will get the franchise tag in Eric Berry and Von Miller, here are some names I think fit.

Josh Norman CB, Carolina Panthers

Norman has excelled as a corner in the NFL and he has gotten better after every year. He would be great in this system and he is going to be looking for a payday going forward and rightfully so. The Panthers may not be able to sign him, because look at the free agents they are set to lose in the next two years:

1. Charles Johnson, DE

2. Michael Oher, OT

3. Star Lotulelei, DT

4. Kawann Short, DT

All of those players should make $10 million or more based on their performance this season and for their careers (except Oher who will make a decent contract to give the Panthers "stability" at offensive tackle). With that in mind combined with Newton's huge cap they will have to make some serious moves to have five $10+ million players on their roster.

Alshon Jeffery WR, Chicago Bears

This is the player and the position that make the most sense for the Titans. Jeffery is a huge receiver that has struggled with some injuries, but who has been great when healthy. The Tennessee Titans desperately need a number one receiver somewhere this offseason and the potential of having Jeffery, Dorial Green-Beckham, Kendall Wright, and Delanie Walker all on the same field with Marcus Mariota is too great for Jon Robinson to ignore.

Muhammad Wilkerson 5-tech, New York Jets

The Jets have a really weird offseason ahead of them, and if they make decisions to keep Sheldon Richardson and Damon Harrison long term and let Wilkerson go. If that is the case, if the Titans are thinking at all about Joey Bosa at the top of the draft then this would be a great way to get the best of both worlds. You essentially get to build the best defensive line in football with one of the best defensive coaches in football and you get to use your first round pick on something else.

Now, I don't know if any of these players will hit FA, but is likely that at least one of them will. If the Titan are committed to getting "key players" in free agency, this is how the Titans could bring in the best players and make a dominant team. Again, I don't care if they won't hit free agency I am just saying that these are who the Titans should be making plans about right now in terms of how much they can offer them.

With free agency only about four weeks away, it is time to start talking to agents in back rooms, and if the Titans decide to dig into their incredibly deep pockets for someone this offseason, these three could be true game changers with the way the Titans are built right now.